That same inspiration grows exponentially by becoming a part of a live TEDx event! We invite you to help drive the Tucson Valley idea revolution and instill that same inspiration in others through volunteering at TEDxTucson. Come share your time and talent to help build an amazing free-thinking ideas conference.


Volunteer Positions are open for the 2018-2019 season. Click the button and add your name to our volunteers list. We LOVE our volunteers.

Youth Volunteer


  • Free admission to the event
  • Direct hand in building event
  • Engage with brilliant free-thinkers
  • Gain friends and experiences
  • After parties!



Being a part of TEDxTucson is a serious commitment. If you do wish to volunteer, whether it’s for the leadership committee or for day-of-event, please remember that the commitment is real and that we will depend on you for at least the following:

  • Follow through on tasks and commitments you sign up for
  • Ability and willingness to attend meetings in Tucson
  • Attend group meetings throughout the year until the event
  • Attend production setup both of the two nights prior to the event
  • Perform event-day setup and live event duties

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are the volunteer opportunities we currently offer. “Event-day Opportunities” are short-term volunteer roles that include duties 48 hours prior to the conference through the end of the conference. “General Opportunities” are larger commitments that require commitment throughout the planning phase of TEDxTucson (usually June – Early November). Most volunteers will have both general duties and event-day opportunities.

You may fit into one or many of these positions, but we will always consider what you want to do first, rather than what positions we need filled. We know you’re volunteering your time and energy, and if you’re not enjoying the work you do, we don’t want to have you doing it.

Event-day Opportunities

  • Adventure Hosts: Represent TEDxTucson on one of our local adventures
  • Registration: Welcome guests, verify attendees, and on-site registration
  • Signage: Organize, assemble, and hang signage throughout the venue
  • Stage Crew: Manage all aspects of the stage, props, and gear
  • Storytellers: Record the day’s events and behind-the-scenes events, interview attendees, summarize the experience
  • Ushers: Direct attendees and help them to their seats, answer general questions about the event

General Opportunities

  • Adventure Planning: Finding and organizing mentally stimulating adult “field trips”
  • Audiovisual & Production: Photography, video, sound, editing, etc.
  • Content Writing: Blog posts, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Experiential Design: Creating interactive activities for attendees
  • Graphic Design & Visual Communication: Posters, shirts, badges, logos, theme design, handouts, etc.
  • Networking & Development: Connecting with partners, businesses, and community organizers
  • Planning & Project Management: Managing internal communications, tracking projects and goals
  • Production: sound, lighting, cues, and visuals at the event
  • Registration and Networking: Welcoming and connecting with attendees, ensuring high quality experiences
  • Stage and Venue Design: Logistics and planning of venue and stage space, layout, design, etc.

If you’re ready to take the next step, sign up to receive our volunteer updates. You’ll be informed when our next volunteer meeting is and how to get involved from there.