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International Women’s Day

by Melody Gallozo, 
On International Women’s Day, March 8th we honor the women at large making an impact in history and across the world. In celebration of women’s achievements, we want to highlight some of the prominent women figures in the Tucson community making a difference spreading the message of what it takes to be a Real Strong Impactful woman in the world.
Adiba Nelson
is an inspirational powerhouse who has gained success through her activism, writing, and, body positivity message. After moving back to Tucson to become a single mother with her child who has a disability. She struggled to stay afloat but her mother’s words kept her going. “Life is what you make it” This is not where her story ended but began, she starting living life as who she envisioned herself being; A strong powerful rebellious woman Through her determination, she was able to overcome poverty and eventually began a flourishing career in her passion: writing. This local thought leader, successfully self-published a children’s book about her daughter with cerebral palsy, modeled for a viral body-positive photo campaign, and even performed at the 2017 TEDx conference. Her message inspires many in the Tucson community to continue striving for success. It can be hard to get up when life throws us curve balls but Adiba Nelson has shown us that no curveball is too big to tackle with a bit of faith and perseverance. Adiba's blog
Erika Hamden, Phd
Is an astrophysicist who for the past 10 years has been leading a team to construct a telescope FIREball, which hangs from a huge balloon at the edge of space. She recalled the rollercoaster it is to build something and have it fail continuously. “The reality of my job is that I fail almost all the time and still keep going that’s how telescopes are built” The failures she experienced are an inevitable part of the journey it takes to launch a successful telescope. In order to better understand the universe, we must be able to see it in a new way. New technologies in Astronomy allow us to see the universe differently, these discoveries require failure, time, and perseverance. Her telescope FIREball aims to research hydrogen gas within outer space that is assumed to flow in and out of galaxies. Much of the work that she and her team have developed has taken several years and many failures in order to launch. In 2018 after 10 plus years of work during the first launch, the telescope was unsuccessful and crash-landed in the New Mexico desert. What she learned through this failure is that failure is a needed part of discovery it is required when we want to see out of the box concepts. I mean that to evolve they must be able to always building, failing and continuing with hope for future success. “I’m choosing to keep going… it might feel like a failure today... But it’s only gonna stay a failure if I give up” This year her team will be trying again.
Linda Chorney
Is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, her recent 2018 award-winning film which she wrote, produced, and star in “When I Sing” follows her as she discovers what it takes to make it big in the music industry. Linda’s powerful story has inspired many as her determination has allowed her to overcome many obstacles throughout her life. The last four decades of her life have been spent trying to make ends meet in the entertainment industry. In 2012 she became the first independent artist to be nominated for the “Best Americana Album” category in the Grammy’s, a huge achievement for independent artists everywhere. Her nomination in the category created a tremendous uproar as she was accused of gaming the system and stealing the nominations for platinum singers. Her nomination showed the power of her musical ability as she was able to be nomination for the category by promoting her music through listening rather than promotion through a big record label. Her underdog status in the music industry has shown how hard work can make dreams come true. At the end of the day, she is a determined woman found her voice knowing “No one can hurt me, When I Sing.”


Mary Reed
Mar 08,2020

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