Youth Conference Speaker Application

This standard form needs to be filled out by all people who wish to speak at TEDxYouth@Tucson Conference. This conference is focused on high school students, but you need not be a high school student to speak.
  • About this Application

    This is a long application. We ask a lot of questions because we care deeply about what we do. Please take your time, and answer everything - we don't have a save function yet, so you may want to save the questions in a word processor so you can think carefully about your responses.
  • About You

  • First and Last Name
  • Your home or work address
  • We are searching for ideas from Southern Arizona. We rarely accept speakers from out of this region.
  • If not, please fill out the next section.
  • If you are attending any school, please let us know. If you are not attending school, say none. If you are homeschooled, please put homeschooled.
  • Please upload a selfie, we like to recognize our speakers at our auditions. We have a 128MB size limit.
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    Please upload your resume or CV so we can understand your experience. We have a size limitation of 128MB.
  • About Your Idea

  • We understand you may change the title over time.
    You can select more than one category.
  • Final questions

  • Please let us know what we need to do for you.
  • We need you to understand the following