What a wonderful day!

I loved seeing all of you on Saturday, January 13th. When I looked at all the pictures (over 4000) of the event, I saw were people being inspired, engaged, and enjoying their day. My goal of hugging each, and everyone of you was, sadly, not met. I will try again next year. People from Tucson, Phoenix, San Diego came together and “Connected the Dots.” Here are some pictures
Getting ready for the big event is intensive work.

Registration was so quick this year!

Even our banner has dots!

The speakers gave us intriguing ideas to consider. After Kimber Lanning’s talk about buying local, I made a list of Tucson based coffee houses. And, I am determined to try each of them. I want to change my current coffee habit to a local vendor. And, I don’t think I will ever slap a mosquito without seeing the babies affected by Zika. Learning about how climate change affects these diseases.

We were spell bound.

The weather was amazing during lunch: 75, and sunny. AND, so was lunch!

For the first time, we had mini-workshops during lunch. Did you try one? What did you think?

We look forward to seeing you in 2019

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