Adiba Nelson:

Skating Downhill: The Art of Claiming Your Life

12 :50 ● Filmed Jan 2017 ● 904 views
TEDxTucson 2017

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What dream would you make come true if you knew that it could absolutely happen? Now what if I told you it could happen? Well it can. Strap on your skates and come with me as we fly face first into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Adiba is author of the children’s book “Meet ClaraBelle Blue”, and forthcoming “50”. Adiba is also a contributing writer with online magazine, My Brown Baby, and The Huffington Post, as well as a columnist with local paper, Tucson Weekly. She is an active voice in the Body Positive community, performing burlesque as The BIG Bang McGillicuddy, leading body love workshops and speaking at SlutWalk 2016. Adiba is also a staunch advocate for individuals with special needs, organizing and participating in various fundraisers that serve this population.

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