Jade Beall:

A beautiful body project

18 :56 ● Filmed Dec 2013 ● 29,906 views
TEDxTucson December 3, 2013

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A Beautiful Body Project shows truthful images of women to inspire feeling irreplaceably beautiful as a counter-balance to the airbrushed photoshopped imagery that dominates mainstream media. Jade’s dream is to inspire future generations of women to be free from the unnecessary self-suffering and embrace their beauty just as they are.

Jade Beall is a local Tucson photographer who has gained international fame through her A Beautiful Body Project, a series of books and web based images of women. A Beautiful Body Project is an upcoming series of book volumes & an online media platform dedicated to women and body image, dedicated to sharing stories about motherhood, aging, cancer, still-births, miscarriages, weight-gain, weight-loss, dysmorphia, and beyond.

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