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Salons October 16th

TEDxTucson Salon – October 16th

University of Arizona Bookstore. 5pm – 6:30pm
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First Regents’ Professor from the Col­lege of Fine Arts

Paula Fan

 Paula Fan, D.M.A. is the first Regents’ Professor from the Col­lege of Fine Arts. She teaches piano and coaches vocal  and instrumental chamber repertoire and offers a course on the history and development of Art Song, the  catalyst for her se­ries of “Time Travelers Concerts,” in which guest artists appear as historical figures. Paula has  recorded 19 albums and has broadcast for the BBC, National Public Radio and Radio Television China. She has  coached and accompanied singers from the world’s great opera houses, and has performed with lead­ing  clarinetists at international festivals. She is pas­sionate about bridging the gap between the scientific and musical  worlds and is a founding member of Solar Story­tellers, a solar powered piano trio.


Alejandra Platt’s academic foundation…

Alejandra Platt-Torres Alejandra Platt’s academic foundation in the arts began in 1992 with a scholarship at The Maine Photographic  Workshops, where she studied black and white photography with Tillman Crane. She has won three grants in  Mexico:  “A World Separated by Borders,” in 2011 from the Jumex Foundation; “In the Name of God: Photographs  of the Indigenous Tribes in Mexico,” in 1999 from CONACULTA, which resulted in a book; and “Hijos del Sol,”from FECAS in 1993. She also received a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council for “The Diversity of  Immigration.” With 31 solo exhibitions and conferences, among the most important is her current exhibit at the  Arizona State Museum sponsored by the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry:  “A World Separated by Borders”  closes on Oct. 19.   She also has had exhibits in Australia, Denmark, Norway, and the United States. Alejandra’s work is part of the book “160 Años de Fotografía en México” published in 2005.


Associate professor in the Department of Computer Science

Alon Efrat

Alon Efrat is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona since  2000. He has earned his PhD from Tel-Aviv University. He was also a post doctorate research assistant at  Stanford University, and at IBM Almaden Research Center.

He has published over 110 papers in different areas of algorithms and their applications. He interest He is  intrigued by finding ways for browsing, indexing, and manipulations of videos of educational content, how to  improve readability of noisy and blurry videos, and carefully reduce the energy needed for their presentation.  His approaches combined geometric algorithms computer vision and data mining.

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